Countertop Specialists has many services, here are some of interest.

From our clients

Countertop Specialists came though! I had a tight deadline and several items needed and they were able to pick up the slack. Our Client loved the end result!

- James Whitney, General Contractor

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Green Tops

Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or developing a commercial property, there are products available to you to increase indoor air quality and reduce the impact on the environment. Far from being a passing fad, many of these materials have been proven and they are available here. All of our fixtures and countertops are available with eco conscious materials. For more specifics, check out our Green Products and Fixtures section.

Solid Surfaces

Countertop Specialists was one of the first shops to fabricate Corian in the Sacramento area. Our product lines have now expanded to include many other of today’s leading manufacturers of acrylic and polyester blended products from Corian, HI-MACs by LG, Staron, Avonite, and others. Samples of all of these products and more are available for viewing at our showroom. Click here to get directions to our showroom.


Quartz is a beautiful and stable product suitable for countertops and architectural use. Countertop Specialists offers quartz from all of the leading manufacturers; Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Silestone, Technistone, Hanstone, Viatera, and more. Samples of each are available for viewing in our showroom. Click here to get directions to our showroom.

Natural Stone

Countertop Specialists is proud to offer any and all natural stones available for fabrication. Whether granite, marble, soapstone, onyx, or any other of the many natural stones available in form our local showrooms we are prepared to supply the fabricated material to complete your project.


Countertop Specialists is one of the few shops left in the Sacramento area still fabricating all of its own post form laminate tops. With laminates from Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, or Arpa readily available Countertop Specialists is equipped to fabricate tops or cabinets for project at home or office.